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Bullet Sports Management has signed 15-year old rising star Ignacio “Nacho” Montenegro (AR) as a full-time Bullet Athlete following a successful support and development programme run by the motorsport specialists throughout the summer.

Nacho, who finished third overall in the Argentinan X30 Codasur Junior karting championship last year, stepped up to FIA Spanish F4 for 2020. At the opening round in Navarra, Nacho met up with Bullet Director Maria Catarineu to discuss his opportunities and begin some basic on- and off-track training.

Recalling the first meeting, Maria said:

“As soon as you meet Nacho, you know he is a super nice kid who is willing to listen and learn. That’s key to our success at Bullet – we work hard for our drivers, but we have to know from the start that they will work hard too.”

“There were some immediate improvements Nacho could make to help him reach his potential – physically, he was quite small, which is an advantage in karting, but in single-seaters he would need much more strength, so we put together a training programme. Within just a few months, he’d gained five kilos of muscle and was developing his strength in the key areas, which gave him a lot more confidence and control on track.”

After seeing the rapid improvements that Bullet had helped him to make, Nacho signed a contract right away, although the initial intention was to start from 2021,

“I like that Bullet not only look at my career path but also at me as a person,” said Nacho.  “I am confident they know the right future for me and have access to all of the best teams but also that they are helping me to be the best I can be. They are a fun group of people and already they feel like family.”

Nacho will join six Bullet Athletes, including fellow Argentinean Franco Colapinto, who won the Spanish F4 Series in 2019, and on-track rival Oliver Goethe (DN), who sits in third place in the championship and is in contention of the title.

“Nacho has a good future ahead of him and we’re excited to have him as one of seven Bullet Athletes,” concluded Maria. “Just like our other athletes, he is talented and motivated but, most importantly, he fits our culture – we all support each other, develop together and provide a network of mentoring. We can’t wait to work with him to reach his racing potential. “

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